I believe in the power of love more than I believe in anything else even Santa Claus.

I believe the Universe is created from love, with love and out of love.

I believe we are the Universe. I believe that in our truest form, at our core, we are pure love.

I believe that love can help us forgive anything or anyone, even ourselves!

I believe that when we forgive ourselves, not just others, the world is a better place not just for us but for everyone.

I want to be someone who helps set people free and shows them how to dream when they’ve forgotten how, and who shows them that love is really all you need. The Beatles were right.

I want you to be empowered and I want you to feel loved.
I want to bring love to where your darkness lives. I'll be gentle, I promise you, and we'll keep the lights dim until your eyes adjust and your mind embraces.
I want to be someone who breathes love into you when anxiety reaches into your chest and squeezes the life out of your heart and the air out of your lungs. 

I want to be someone who lovingly reaches out to you and helps you up when you've fallen. I'll dust you off and together we'll make you shine again....good as new!

I want to graffiti hope everyday in bold letters on your forehead when you’re depressed until the ink seeps into your brain and becomes a neon light in your mind, you choose the color, and your sadness and pain is gone. 

I want to hold space for you when you've forgotten how, and I will crawl into the cave with you when you've chosen to hide from the world. I'll sit there with you in silence if you like, but be prepared, I'm bringing candles. And snacks.

Remember this about me if nothing else: I believe in the power of your mind to create the experience you want and I love watching you do it.

But most of all, know this about me, I believe that Christopher Walken said  it best when he said, “Shut up and dance”

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