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I can’t tell you what I’m about or even what this blog is about except for that I write and this is where I write.

I’ve blogged for years, I’ve killed more blogs than I have killed people, I really have, and I’ve only recently come to realize I blog as a form or release and as a way to structure my thoughts. It was a duh-moment, not an aha-moment.

I’m both gifted and burdened with a mind that asks too many questions at once and that likes to collect information about far too many subjects. It’s a hungry mind that does, for some reason, respond well to meditation; my quest to find those calm moments between thoughts will probably never end because it’s where I found recovery and signs of life.

I recovered from being a depressed and anxious person; both conditions descended on me after I suffered a nervous breakdown because of work a few years ago. I choose to stay in that workplace because I had this idea that if I didn’t recovered where I got hurt then I would somehow believe that I hadn’t recovered fully. I recently left that job. It feels great. I was probably being a little too stubborn staying there.

I've also become a little stubborn about staying in Australia after moving here from Sweden decades ago. I used to feel like I was here temporarily but now I feel more like this is where I'm meant to be. There's something about Australia and its people that's uncomplicated and friendly.

I’ve blogged for years; I’ve killed more blogs than I have killed people, I really have. This blog almost suffered that same fate a few months ago but instead I decided that perhaps it was time to take it a little more seriously than I have in the past. After all, I have grown and perhaps it needs to change too, and just like I did perhaps it also deserves a little more attention.

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