Monday, July 17, 2017

It's Day 2 of my Radical Self-Love Project

It's amazing how hard this is already. I had decided that I wasn't going to pay any mind to what others think of me doing this, this is an anonymous blog after all, but I'm thinking about how self-indulgent this is and I'm wondering if I'm being a little narcissistic.

 Never mind.


It's Monday morning and the coffee has not kicked in yet. I've managed to have a laugh and joke (at his expense) with my intuitive mentor. I'm feeling ill prepared for Monday morning. I'm stuffing my face with scrambled eggs at the moment. But, today the things I like about me:

My hair, I still really like my hair. Wash, bend over and dry, and toss it around a bit. Today it shall be known as the Tossed Salad of Goldie Locks.

My knees, for being so kind that they barely hurt this morning despite the stair master crap I pulled yesterday. 

My thighs and calf muscles, for feeling like they got a good workout and dealing with it.

My eyes, for being extra piercing this morning. Woe unto any cranky bus drivers and difficult engineers this morning. They will be met by my baby blues and a smile, and they won't be able to fight my mighty.

My right big toe, for not being a jerk this morning after being generally sore for the last week, and being stubbed on a stone step yesterday but that is playing nice this morning.

Onwards! The day awaits! Happy Monday!

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