Sunday, July 16, 2017

It's Day 1 of my Radical Self-Love Project

I said I would so I'm doing it. This is day one of my self-love project and it's not a very exciting post, I have to admit that. It's early days though, my friends, and I'm feeling terribly self-conscious doing this so please be patient. I'm just saying.


It's 6a.m. Sunday and I've got up early to head to Palm Beach for what at this particular moment feels like a completely crazy reason. Yesterday I decided to do it because one, it's going to be sunny, two, we saw dolphins the last time we were there, and three, I want to finally walk up to the lighthouse (and this even though my knees hurt today).

I've decided that this is how I'm going to try to work this:

I'm doing an entry in the morning when I wake up. I'm listing five things I like about me. I'm writing some sort of entry at night adding five more things I like about me plus whatever else comes to mind.

Today's mission is selfies because I'm truly traumatised by having my photo taken. It's part of my journey. Were it not for the fact that this blog is anonymous I would post them here but for now, not so much.

So, on with this morning's list of things I like about myself:

I like my courage.

I like my creativity.

I like that my body is healing itself.

I like my hair being what it is, I'm starting to appreciate those blondes locks.

I like my knees for not giving me too much trouble anymore.

I'll see you tonight. Onwards into the day!


We made the trek to Palm Beach and I'm so glad we did. It was a glorious day out. 

We walked to the lighthouse up on the head. It starts with a walk along the beach on either side of the headland, and then a choice of two paths. One is the smugglers path and the other is the.....other path. Of course I choose the smugglers paths with it's million steps. I'm starting to see now that staying home doing a million squats would have the same effect on my butt and knees but I wouldn't have got sunshine, fresh air and some really good tacos after. I'm going to pay for it; my knees will not be happy tomorrow but I walked and it was fun and we had a great day out. And, not a single selfie taken but there'll be more days.

I'm a little tired now so on with this evening's list of things I like about myself:

I like my stubbornness.

I like my sense of humour.

I like my hair; I'm really liking my hair today.

I like my legs for taking my up all these steps because I know they wouldn't have a year ago.

I like my determination to get fitter (I do really need to). 

It's early days and this is making me feel a little weird but I will press on and hopefully not miss any days. In the meantime here's a picture of a palm beach, not the one I went to but what can you do?

P.S. Come walk with me on the journey of radical self love. Five things you love, like or are grateful for about yourself. Add them in the comments. I'm just saying.

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