Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I've been thinking...

I've been thinking for quite some time now that I need to either revamp this blog or simply take it off somewhere else and really give it a fresh start, probably one that's a little bit more public.

I miss writing but so much of me seems to have changed that a lot of the older stuff I wrote seems too distant to me. I can't quite feel like that was even me.

I've recovered from the nervous breakdown I had back in 2011 big time. I'm better now than I ever was I feel. The reason for not being public about who I am on this blog has kind of disappeared.

I got rid of O and I still cannot fathom what kept me with him. (No need to tell me why, I actually do know the mechanics of it quite well.) Now I be like "Past me, you be nuts to have put up with that crap!".

I spend too much time on Facebook involving myself in discussions that are good but that don't really produce anything other than my opinion in a lot of discussions. It's fun but I think it's time to grow up because I feel like I'm opinionating.

I'm frustrated by the fact that all cool web domain names are already taken and that's keeping me procrastinating about moving my writings to another site. That and the fact that I've lost all my webpage making skills.

But I can't keep keeping quiet and not express myself in writings be they fueled by what I perceive as injustices or otherwise. It does me good writing and I do need to keep it up. I especially need to keep writing as a way of communicating what it means to be a woman if not for all women then for me.

Maybe I'll get around to actually nutting it out this week or maybe I'll just procrastinate some more. Time will tell as they say.

But I feel a change coming.

I'm just saying.


  1. i personally can't bear to leave blogger and i think that the whole awesomeness of a blog is that we grow and develop over time and that we can see it all in one spot - kind of like a journal of sorts. maybe you want to redesign and change things up, but i wouldn't abandon it all. you can, after all, point your own domain right here. but don't let go of the history.

    also, about FB, i feel it's totally diluted my blogging ability and i'd like to break myself of the habit. but i find it very difficult.

  2. Ah, the lure of the instant FB replies and feedback. It's a bit like crack, isn't it?

    I think, like you do, that it's diluted my will to blog and I find that a little worrisome. That thought and what you just said reminded me why this blog was so important to me; it kept me going and it kept me thinking when I needed it the most. Maybe she deserves to live on. :)


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