Sunday, August 2, 2015

Why are we even talking to Tom Cruise if Tom Cruise refuses to answer some of the questions WE have?

It's been one of those weeks and mostly I have been jumping on and off one bandwagon or another in my discussions on Facebook and with people face to face but I have to admit that it's mostly about Adam Goodes and the controversy surrounding the recognized (and with recognized I mean to the point of him being named Australian of the Year in 2014 ) indigenous footballer being booed by spectators from opposing teams at every damned matched he's played recently. I tried to write a post about it but I found that I got so incensed about it I just couldn't write a intelligent post about it. I'm leaving it at yes Australia, you have a problem for now.

I'm going to jump on another favorite bandwagon instead.

I don't make it a secret, I have no fondness for Tom Cruise and what he stands for. What caught my attention today was the Sydney Morning Herald article The reason why no interviewers are asking Tom Cruise about Scientology.

It's no secret that most if not all stars have a publicity machine that functions something like Tom's but I have come to draw a very pronounced line between what I regard to be completely private matters and what I would consider avoiding addressing parts of your public behavior. Tom Cruise is a public spokesperson for Scientology so why won't he answer questions posed about it by interviewers and that the public wants answers to when interviewed? The answer is obvious, but if you're going to profit from my hard earned cash I want more than just your movies Tom, and it seems a little spoiled of you to refuse to even acknowledge that we, the public, have some really deep questions about your relationship with your religion and especially about how it operates.

Without going into too much detail about the whole beef I have with Scientology (and anyone else who profits from dragging people into any religion or spiritual practice, and who is quite obviously profiting from it financially while not being particularly honest) I think that if you're going to be exempt from paying tax in countries because you claim to be a religion you're going to have to show us that you deserve to be. I think that if you're choosing to be a spokesperson for such an organization, and that organizations profits from the publicity that brings, then you're also going to have to be ready to answer questions about it. Some of the questions are going to be hard to answer but you should be prepared to do that either as an organization or as a spokesperson. You can't just choose the fairy glitter of controlled PR because you don't want to be criticized especially if it's because you think it will bring in less money for you. I find it disrespectful if you don't. If you're not answering question about your relationship with the organization or the organization itself because they've told you not to, then I have to wonder why you're still involved with it and I want to know why.

It's almost like we have fallen hook line and sinker for the spins that these publicity machines feed us and we don't think we have a right to know. Let's face it though, they want our money and they depend on us buying their product be it a Tom Cruise movie or a quasi religious practice. I choose not to pay for either personally but a lot of people still do. I just think that we need to start holding people and organizations more accountable for what they do and sell all in the name of making a profit.

I'm just saying.

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