Saturday, May 16, 2015


Slowly but surely I'm making my way back into life and it seems that my mind is starting to find traction with the whole watching-the-world-and-thinking-about-it thing again. I'm showing signs of normality in other words after a rather long period of not feeling my own special kind of normal.

The past year has very much been a year of introspection. I've turned inwards and I have found out more about myself, and I have found more of myself, than I have in all my other years on earth combined. It's been confusing and it's been hard but here I am, not necessarily proclaiming I feel a lot better but I feel a lot more whole as a person. I feel like I've gotten somewhere with myself while not really being able to necessarily get anywhere in life.

I've thought a lot about disconnection, because I am it - depression is not a big fan of networking with others and anxiety likes you to keep to yourself so that no one makes demands on you - and how it affects us as human beings. We're gregarious by nature but it seems that our society is one that more and more promotes us becoming less part of our communities and families, and more isolated and "self-sufficient". Sometimes I think that our addiction to the internet is our way of counteracting it and it's currently perhaps the most socially acceptable way of staying connected and you can do it anywhere with little effort.

Disconnection worries me. It seems to be the root cause of a lot of social problems and it's becoming clear that Sydney, Australia, is seeing an increase in people who are becoming more and more disconnected from society. All you have to do is walk the streets and you soon see signs of homeless people living there. It used to be mostly concentrated in the central business district but now it's becoming more prevalent in the suburbs and it's becoming hard to escape facing it.

I like to read the Sydney Daily Telegraph not because of the quality of their news reporting but because their journos make more spelling mistake and grammatical errors than I do. It amuses me and feeds my ego. The Telegraph also had an article this morning, Homeless people in Sydney grow in number, about this growth and I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that's noticing. It's not the only change I've noticed when it comes to the homeless. Sydney-siders used to be real stingy with their money when it came to homeless people begging but now there's more money being left with them by passersby and you hardly see any abuse being hurled at them like you used to. It's not that we've come to accept them, it's almost looks like Sydney is growing a social conscience when our government is showing less and less signs of it. If we could only now have the same happen with equal rights, another area our government is failing dismally in. Our minister for women is the prime minister himself, a man who's not exactly know for not being being chauvinistic.

I don't think as a general rule that most Aussie men are chauvinists, I sure as hell hope not (and if they are, I've failed to notice it's because I've grown used to it), but there's certainly a breed of men who still behave like cavemen. Our very own shock radio jock Kyle Sandilands is a fabulous example of how the Australian society lifts people like that to stardom and pays them large sums of money to spew things on air that we largely think of us unacceptable in society. It's time we stop tolerating it because the only reason he's there is that it makes money for the corporation he works for, never mind the damage he causes, and the corporation obviously isn't capable of being socially responsible.

However, it may not be Kyle's fault that he is the way he is when there are role models like John Singleton and Jack Cowin who at their ripe old age staged what's now referred to as a "mock glassing" in a fancy restaurants a couple of days ago. I mean for f***'s sake! If you can't stop brawling in public while drunk when you're in your 70s then when will it stop? I suppose when you're a millionaire the restaurant owners will forgive you for the ruckus and the broken dinnerware, but while the rest of us are trying to prevent the rising trend of glassings among drunks on Friday nights it's hard to find an excuse if you're general population. I know it is for me. It's the Australia we used to be known for!

I'm tempted to talk about work and the insanity of working for a corporation but I'm trying to clean up my act in that regard. I'm thinking maybe I need to stop hiding behind anonymity and start actually owning up to who I am more publically. We'll see and time will tell and all that. Until then I remain here in the shadows perfectly content with watching the world from my hiding place.

I'm just saying.

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