Monday, January 26, 2015

First World Grumble

It started with the grateful and wealth thing, at least here on the blog, and it kind of spiralled from there. In my mind though it was a much bigger deal. The whole business of collectively remodeling our minds and psyches in accordance with some sort nouveau socially acceptable trend that dictates we have to constantly be grateful for our "wealth" vexes me. It was irking me but it escalated the more I thought about it. It's feels awfully like being told to conform and that's like being told to wear a straightjacket when you'd much rather skinny dip.

I'm championing the right to be angry at and discontent with the world this year.

I'm just saying.

I'm going back to work in a few days time and it's painfully obvious to me that I'm going back to a job that I don't like. I mean, I love the business of writing but I don't love the business of working as a writer in a corporation. I love most of the people I work with but I don't love that they're exhausted, stress and powerless. I love producing documents and finding smarter ways to do it but I don't love doing in my job anymore. Those days are gone.

The thought of it all made me, or "made me" - choice and free was featured in there somewhere, munch through a whole bag on Minties last night.  That lead me to thinking about how corporations are free to supply us with what are products that essentially provide no value at all to our bodies and that are in fact harming. Capitalism has turned on us and if you go into a supermarket, at least in Australia, the sections displaying processed junk take up a lot more space than the sections that display produce that is scientifically proven to heal and keep us healthy.

Is it just me or WTF?

How can it be that we're so stupid we let this happen. I don't buy into that we're free to choose anymore when we in the first world are more overweight and more obese than ever. Something's not working here. Choice and free will is apparently making us slowly want to kill ourselves or at least ensure that we end up with medical problem that will lessen our quality of life and that will ensure we have to be medicated for the rest of our lives.

Is it just me or WTF?

I can no longer sit here and agree that choice and free will rule our lives when individuals are up against scientifically proven marketing techniques that are guaranteed to ensure that our own psychological defenses and bypassed so we go and buy products. The odds are stacked against the consumer when the marketing departments are savvier with knowing how the minds of their consumer works than the consumers are themselves. That's not choice and free will. That's manipulation.

I'm just saying.

I cashed in all my holidays to sit down and have a good think about myself and where I want to go. The conclusion is that I want to be a lot more authentic, and while that's a catchphrase to these days I'm embracing it as being true to myself. The problem with doing that is that you suddenly open yourself to seeing what a bloody mess we're in and where the power is really held. We need reform and we need to have the power handed back to the people. Large corporation cannot be allowed to be in charge of making decisions about the world we live in anymore. We've seen where that leads us. Big business is short sighted and only has profit in it sight, that's what it was created to do. Humanity on the other hand, is a long term concept that deserves a lot more than short sighted politicking bought by big business.

Like I said, I'm championing the right to be angry at and discontent with the world this year.

I love creativity and how humans have such great power to come up solutions and create the most amazing things. (The latest marvel in my life are multifocal contact lenses you can leave in for 30 days. I feel like Jesus touched me every damned morning I wake up and don't have to fumble for my glasses to see if I've woken up in my own bed or taken a wrong turn somewhere, and I don't even believe in Jesus. It's a miracle.) Why are we allowing ourselves to be so damned powerless, so easily lead, so zombie like and so damned unhappy and spiritually poor that we need to be told to collectively be grateful for our so called wealth?

Is it just me or WTF?

I want to start a revolution but it requires a lot of energy and I don't feel I have it at the moment. I want to gather people and empower them to rise against the insanity of our own society. I want to see people smile and feel alive not because they've been told to but because they feel life coarse through their veins and hope fill their lungs with every breath they take. Is it too much to ask for? Is that not our birth right to feel that way, is it not what we've been told since the day we were born? Yet, we wait for permission and we allow ourselves to be told when and why we are allowed to feel that way.

Is it just me or WTF? Could this world do with a major overhaul or is it just the frustration I feel at having to go back work in a few days?

I'm just asking.

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