Cut above the mustard

I don't know quite what it is that makes us all feel like we have to promote ourselves so heavily at work nowadays. It's just not OK to sit there and actually admit that you don't know or that you have to learn something.

I recently hired a new writer and because of a dreadful drought (I can think of no other way of describing it) there are none out there to hire. I "settled" for a guy slightly older than me who has really solid English skills but lacks background in the technical writing field.

He is an amiable guy. Likeable. Personable. He is a communicator by heart and he's picking up things as fast as he can considering I unceremoniously had to push him in the deep end of the pool and leave him to swim.

He seems deathly afraid to admit that he's not quite getting the hang of certain aspects of things, like software and publishing "grunt" work, even if I keep telling him he's there to learn.

I just wonder why we have gone and created this workforce that feel forced to beef up CVs and sing their own praise almost to the point that it's a deadly sin to admit that you have more to learn. Personally I would, as a manager, find it a tad boring if my "peeps" came fully formed and with nothing for me to contribute to their career journey.

But, I could retire in good conscious I guess if that was the case so perhaps I should just leave people to be the experts they think they need to be to cut the mustard in the job market in 2014.


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