Monday, January 20, 2014

I would love to write something for you...

...but work is sucking the will of writing out of me. It all makes me a bit sad considering I went to some length revamping Spilling Ink and adding Purple Spirit Moose as my second blog.

I've had several realizations of late, some of them quite profound. I'm going to share the one I had a few days ago when we were doing our best to survive a typical Australian summer heatwave by staying inside and running the air-conditioning on high with complete disregard for carbon footprint, global warming and general environmental issues.

I had been entertaining myself watching several Swedish TV-movies in the form of the the crime series Beck, and watching that dreary Swedish autumn and winter landscape did something to my psyche, and I began to question my sanity wondering Why on earth had I moved to this sun burnt country when I could have had all that? when it suddenly hit me like a lighting bolt, or actually it was more like a "snilleblixt", a Swedish word that roughly translates to genius-flash.

I had moved to this scorched and parched continent so that I could prepare, through a series of hard preparations and seasonal training sessions, to cope with the hot flashes I will no doubt suffer when menopause hits.


See, when hot flushes eventually hit I will sit back and recall that god awful New Years Day back in 2006 when temperatures soared to an easy 50 degrees Celsuis (that's 122 for you Fahrenheiters) and almost killed my 14-year old Cattledog. In fact I think it actually did. She never did recover even though we packed her into the shower recess with frozen ice packs and packets of frozen peas. Anyway, I will recall that and call out " Menopause! Is that ALL you got?"

I did write something for you and I'm glad. More things will happen here soon.

I promise.

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  1. snilleblixt. i like it. i'm not looking forward to the hot flashes, tho' i fear i can see them on the horizon. on one hand, i'm like, yes, already, let's get this over with and on the other, it feels like it will be so embarrassing somehow. i'd better get over that before they actually come.

    (if you got this comment twice, please just delete it - i thought google ate it the first time.)


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