Monday, December 9, 2013

Oh. I'm still alive.

I have been lazy with the writing here because work (work, work, work, work, work) is seriously intruding on my life and it's making me seriously tired. I only realized today that it's only two weeks until the Christmas break and instead of shouting with joy and humming Christmas carols to myself I panicked.

I'm NEVER going to finish first draft of those manuals before Christmas like I wanted. It's not that I should be able to but it would have been nice to go into that short break knowing I could kind of sit back and wait while others check my work.

The schedule for this project is by far the most insane we've ever seen. It's like all sense has gone out the window and the company is squeezing what little energy there's left in our down-sized, hrmm, sorry, right-sized, department out of us before is decides to check that we're still meeting those KPOs (key performance objectives, in case you don't know what the acronym means) that have absolutely nothing to do with our actual jobs but everything to do with trying to make us robots who think and act the same.

I believe someone used the word "fascism" today when we were talking about it and I agree, the current corporate trend to squeeze workers and force them to "behave" is fascism. Maybe not quite the radical authoritarian nationalistic kind of fascism that hit Europe in the 1920s but nonetheless a brand of fascism. It's counter intuitive to community and I hate it. 

This is probably why I don't need to watch Rob Reich's doco Inequality for All but I want to anyway but you can't get your hands on it here so I'm forced to long for it and suspect that Rob and I are kind of soulmates even though that just seems a little weird. He's shorter than me for starters.

Remember when we had unions and they fought for a 40-hour working week and holidays and paid sick leave and shit? Remember? Some of you may not but there were ancestors of ours who actually fought for these rights and sometimes it got a bit violent. I think we owe it to them to make sure companies don't take too much of the profits for the shareholders (and giving workers shares to placate them doesn't count as counterbalancing, I'm just saying) and to make sure we keep capitalism honest which I believe it's not anymore.

Too many of my colleagues are worn out and afraid of losing their jobs and we're in Australia for Pete's sake so compared to our American brothers and sisters we're doing it easy. When we get sick from all that work we get free medical treatment after all!

My intention is to try to create a sort of space in between over the Christmas break. I'm going to do my best to relax and I'm going to play with whatever makes me happy. Maybe I'll just sit home and watch TV because I never watch TV normally so it'll be like doing something new. 

Right now though I'm going to lie down because I've conjured my first migraine in a long time and I'm now reacquainted with the awesome power of the migraine pain. It will bring me down on my knees if I don't cease and desist now and lie down.

I'll be in the corner sipping water in the dark. 

I'm just saying.


  1. That migraine is nothing more than what a corporate jackboot does to the human spirit.


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