Monday, November 25, 2013

When your landline dies and you're left in the communication desert

Last week my phone line started playing up but who cares if there's noise on the line as long as ADSL works, you can connect, there are no drop outs and your download speeds are not compromised.

That's right, folks! NOBODY!

Landlines are so last century.

When, on the other hand your phone line gets so bad you can't connect to the internet anymore you are left incommunicado and alone, and you can't tell what the weather is like because you can't access

You realize that you've forgotten the ancient art of scrying the weather by just lifting your head and looking up at the sky.

You start having conversations with random people at the store and you talk a lot more to your cats.

You're incredibly surprised when your teen's life don't seem to change - you really expected it would lead to some sort of breakdown.

(And you forget how to spell and your grammar goes out the window - apparently.)

But I'm back and it took a while to get the Telstra guy out here but it was the same guy that's been fixing my phone line for years - yes, it's not the first time this has happened. Two of his cats have had strokes since we last met, he looks about 105 years old now but he sure knows how to fix a phone line. I've not had download speed like this since, ummmm, forever.


  1. I maybe shouldn't be but I'm laughing at the "his 2 cats have had strokes and he looks about 105" :)))

  2. You might want to tweak the work dessert (yummy, sweet, decadent)! I think you mean desert (as in arid, dry sandy place). I enjoy your sense of humor. :-)

  3. Dessert. Heh! It's Swedish spelling...lame but it's my only defense shavawnb.

  4. Here in the Puget Sound region we're about to enter Power Outage Season ... December's icy winds will break trees and we will lose power, often for a day, sometimes for 2-4 days. A house without electricity is like living in a boring cave.


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