Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Smile at yourself first thing in the morning <---start here

I spent half of today in other meaningless leadership indoctrination session course and there was this moment a graphic artist in his 30s asked a question about how you can measure improvement if your performance objectives affect other departments.

“You measure them in the amount of smiles you get from people in the other department,” I thought out loud before I realised my mouth was actually doing that talking thing making noise that others can hear.

“I get no smiles,” he said grinning mischievously, “I don’t even smile at myself.”

“What?! You need to get up in the morning and look yourself in the mirror with a big smile and say out loud ‘I’m awesome!’” I retorted.

“Like this?” he asked doing a two finger movement pointing and smiling at his imaginary reflection in the mirror.


“And, should I do this too?” he added winking.

“No, that’s a little creepy. A little too much ego there. You need to pull back a bit.”

Two guys on either side of him did the smile and finger point in unison without checking with each other as he did it again.

I got frowned at by the facilitator, that’s what I got, because I started shit, off topic like.

I think that that greeting ourselves as though we’re meeting our very own best friend first thing in the morning is not such a lousy idea. Odds are, like this guy, that you’re not going to get a lot of other smiles during the day so you may as well start off with giving one to yourself.

And maybe to a couple of other people who really need it.

And that guy you work with who’s been your mortal enemy for years (you can’t remember how it started but he’s an arsehole!) because if nothing else he’ll get hella confused (and your relationship with him is bound to change but don’t let on to your ego because it will fight it).

And the guy cutting you off in traffic.

I think you can take this even further.

When you get home tonight pretend you’re a dog and greet your family like dogs do – like you’ve missed them like they’ve been gone F O R E V E R even though it’s only a day. Don't start wagging you imaginary tail (again, a little creepy) but be really happy to see them. If you can't muster happy then fake it and maybe they will remember tomorrow and be really happy to see you! You know what I'm getting at here don't you?

Smiles: small packages of love. Love bomb the fuck out of the world today but don’t forget to start with yourself. In the morning.

(I love you!) 



  1. are you sure it wouldn't be better to start off the day by stabbing someone, just a little bit, maybe with a slightly dull knife?

  2. I'm trying to keep with my love theme at the moment and with the knife, well it seems a little unloving especially if it's a dull one. But I know what you're getting at. I still feel like that sometimes in the morning about a certain person.....


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