Saturday, September 14, 2013

My space

I started writing something deep and profound this morning, it was serious and meaningful, but then I was struck by the sheer beauty of having moved things around in my house arranging them just the way like them.

Four small Buddha statues in each corner of my living-come-dining room.

A small Ganesha statue next to the door on the way out to the little back room where the cats eat.

The blue and purple zabutons and the blue zafu that I consumer-whored for my meditation corner in the TV room - a room that has a TV we never watch because there's really nothing to watch on TV.

The floor space, it's like having a Savannah in your house where there was previously clutter and mess.

The kitchen with benches wiped clean after every meal and snack event.

It sounds so silly but all this is my space now, Bee's and my space, and we sometimes just sit at the table and go "Yeah, this is us!" and we talk crap and eat stuff like nachos because we've not had them for ages.

From the small "pond" I made myself in the front yard (I always wanted a pond but I rent so I had to improvise) to anything I've rearranged to suit me or us, it all serves to make me happy and content.

I like it.

This new freedom suits me.

I'm just saying.

I leave you with my "pond" 'cause I like it.

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