Sunday, August 18, 2013

The importance of knowing who you are

People who dabble with meditation ask themselves.

People who don't dabble with meditation generally don't.

Most of us don't even worry about asking ourselves because there are tens, hundreds, thousands, millions and billions of people who are quite happy to tell us exactly who we are even though most  of them don't even have to meet us.

Media is a place where you gain the majority of your information about the world you live in and how you (should) fit into that world. Media tells you what's happening, it gives you clear outlines as to what you need to do be accepted, loved, respected and included in society. You don't even have to read, all you have to do is to listen and watch, skim through webpages, use search engines so that data can be mined about your habits and you can be served with things "that interest" you. By the time you take a breather to spend a little time with yourself there should be no doubt left in your mind about what you need to do to be who you are and how you should feel, and who should vote for.

Social media
Social media is a place that promises freedom from media because now you're interfacing directly with the grassroots of the tribe - thinking, breathing, living entities - and they can instantly tell you what's what, what's up, what's out, what you should do, what you should be and what you should think. There's no censorship here. Social media is a place that doesn't require thought, compassion, thinking or intelligence, all social media does is ask you to turn up - you don't even have to tune in. It requires only that you are wiling to tell everyone what it is you're doing or thinking at any given moment. (Hey! I'm writing a post on blogger,. Yay! Look at me!)

We consult the oracles of media and social media all the time, several times a day because lord knows we don't want to lose our grip on reality and lose our god given right to know what the rules of engagement are at any given moment.

You is the place where all of the information you have gathered throughout the years of your vast experience of living your life on this planet as a conscious being; a being able pick and choose from experiences; a being able to ask questions of anyone or anything, even yourself; a being able to create and change situations, environments, outcomes, paths and goals; a being able to at any given moment in your life choose to play rather than slave away; a being that is the only direct influence on your own destiny and fate.

You is like an attic where you seldom go but where clues to how you became who you are today are plentiful. Every single item in the attic is a clue to why you are"successful" or "unsuccessful" - and what that actually means to you - or why you're able to connect with others or why all you're relationships seem to be fleeting and lack intimacy. It holds clues as to why you're overweight or skinny, happy or depressed, creative or just being herded around like a sheep being nipped at by some border collie. The attic has all the clues as to why you are lost or on course. The attic holds the maps that show how you got where you are today. The attic holds lists and lists of beliefs that color your everyday life and tells you how to feel about experiences, your fears and your likes and loves; it holds all the information that make up you.

You is  place that needs to be visited, consulted like an oracle and sometimes tidied out. You is a place shows you what kind of baggage you have collected on your journey. You is the place that deserves a look in now and then, and a clean out or a sort out.

If you look carefully beyond all the junk in the attic you will see something else, something that's even truer and closer to the real you. If you look past all that stuff you've collected in the attic you will see a small window, and if you look through that window, if you can make it past all that stuff you've collected on your journey that makes up "you", you will see who you truly are and what your truly want and need.

Media and social media doesn't tell you who you are and it doesn't help you determine your place in this life. You is a series of programs that run in your mind that you have accepted along your journey through this life and that may or may not serve you.

If your programs don't serve you, you need to get to the window to find out what it is you need to be truly happy and to feel peace. It requires hard work. It requires compassion for yourself. It requires you to love yourself.

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