Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Propelled forward

Anonymous said it best when Anonymous said "Some relationships keep us at a standstill or worse. Some breakups help propel us forward." in a comment a few days ago. It's like that. Anonymous is wise. I'm a fan of Anonymous now and if you think I'm kidding I'm not.

I feel propelled. Several things have dawned on me at once, especially in the last week, and I think the one thought that really amused me the most was the one that for some reason summed up the relationship I just got out of as "Nice experiment. Learned lots. Glad it's finished. Now let's see what's next." May not sound particularly profound to you but it was to me because it got rid of that thought that I had sat here and happily wasted three years of my life. Well, not exactly happily, I think there's enough proof on this blog to show that it wasn't exactly a match made in heaven.

I've come out of this amazingly well. Now, I'm not one to advocate going off medications we're prescribed, and I'm not quite willing to completely poo poo anti-depressants yet, but I really think that they contributed to me staying in this relationship for as long as I did.

Anti-depressants smooth out everything, make high and lows less hi and less low, until it becomes hard to distinguish what's what. They're designed to do that. They're designed to even your moods out enough so you can start talk therapy and get over what ails your mind but I have to say, if you're evened out then talk therapy would be less effective since things are not bothering to the same extent any more.

I don't know.

I'm just saying.

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