Tuesday, July 23, 2013


With the unholy spirit at least mostly out of my life I can reveal in the freedom, I choose not to dwell on how I ended up in a relationship like that and why it lasted so long, I choose for forgive myself and entertain the possibilities that are.

I would like to think that great things await me. I would like to think that I'm better than I feel. The feedback I'm getting from people around me is better than I think of me. I'm still a little broken but should I worry about it? I'd rather not.

Impossible standards isn't something you can live up to but it's something it's taken me too long to learn and I'm not quite sure how to make peace with the ghosts of the past.

I wonder why when we tell someone who get close to us about the deepest, darkest things that hurt, why do they end up using it as evidence that we're bad when things fall apart?

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