Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Viva la revolución!

I’m that age, you know that age, when you have formed a lot of opinions based on experience and you’ve kind of thought things through a bit.

Apparently at that age a lot of us have run out of the urge to forge a career, unless of course we’re in that smaller percentile of the population that are psychopathic and are still busily trampling on unsuspecting and suspecting victims in order to reach the pinnacle of some organisation. I discount those people because I find them to be a nuisance and rather uninteresting. Especially today. Especially for the purpose of making the point I’m really trying to make here. Really.

As I said, I’m of that age. It’s the age of being educated and informed enough to be completely useless at being a sheep that’s willing to be shepherded around by the latest corporate-culture-whim.

I’m of that age that I find internet dating and the constant need for “NSA” affairs to feed egos a complete drag.

I’m of that age when I wonder what happened to intelligent conversation, love and most of all connecting with people in a meaningful way, and especially WTF happened to saving the planet.

I’m of that age when I’m over a lot of things, things like advertising, fads, fashion, conformance and corporations, especially corporations and corporate culture.

I’m the age of dissidence, apparently, and I suffer greatly from an urge to cover certain corporate people in paper cuts after which I would pour lemon juice on them. I cannot, no matter how much I try, summon up enough energy to smile at work and believe that this is the way life should. My life. Sure, there are people out there that have it so much worse than me but that thought does nothing, anymore, to improve the way I feel about work today.

Yesterday I typed out my resignation.

Today it’s sitting on my desk ready to be dated and signed.

Tomorrow I may start a revolution. Viva la revolución!

P.S. Interesting fact:
You know those two sets of wavy, distorted letters presented to you on websites to make you prove you’re not a computer, the Captchas? They’re used because computers can’t interpret them, apparently.

Computers can also not, apparently, distinguish between pictures of kittens and bunnies which is how we will win the war against the robots when it starts.

Write it down.

Someone will thank you for it.

When the war happens.

Probably soon.

I'm just saying

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