Thursday, June 6, 2013


I’ve decided that I’ll be brutally honesty with you because not only do you deserve that kind of honesty from me, and there just isn’t enough weird shit on the internet so I have to add to it.

Sometimes you have to type out your resignation and leave it in a white envelope on your desk just to make yourself feel a little better. Every bit counts you see, even a little better bit like that.

I’m still trying to find a replacement for my long gone technical writer but finding a trusty sidekick seems to be an impossible task, especially when you have to work with our recruitment manager. I want to cover his silly camp self in paper-cuts after which I will want to cover him in freshly squeezed lemon juice. Yes, I really am that cruel. Or angry. It’s hard to tell which it is at this stage.

It’s not only the hunting for a sidekick that has made me more misanthropic than I am even on one of my particularly misanthropic days, no, it’s also the foray into the internet dating world. I have reluctantly entered that realm because of the poly-amorous nature of my partner. I went in kicking and screaming and I was not disappointed. Is it just people on the internet or are there no people who actually want interactions other than NSA sex around anymore? Are there people who are articulate and competent in the art of conversation or is it just me having landed on the wrong damned planet again? F***, I fear for this world, my darlings.

So, I have decided that it’s not “them” it’s me. I’m the odd one out and rather than feeling bad about that I have, almost, decided to draw some pretty damned clear boundaries. I want a tribe, a little community of sorts, of interesting people and I don’t particularly care where they are as long as I can keep in contact with them. Maybe I can get some obscure arty farty commune to adopt me as a sort of virtual friend while I plot my escape from corporate enslavement and utter boredom. I have, apparently, real requirements nowadays and they don’t involve beer swilling blokes or corporate c****. I need and deserve more.

Perhaps my existence will be a lonely one and perhaps I will relent and yet again try to integrate into normal society but I doubt it. I cannot be the only one in the world who feels this way.

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