Friday, May 10, 2013

Two important women

Hyperbole and a Half writer, Allie Brosh, is back again with a post about depression. Allie manages to say it just like it is in her post, Depression Part Two, and there's really nothing that needs to be added to it.

As much as Allie doesn't need promoting with her 58704 followers the subject deserves any attention it gets, and even more importantly, a real life honest account of what it's like to suffer from depression is worth what hens' teeth would be worth if you could just get your hands on them.

If Allie is the voice of depression then the Bloggess is the equivalent of anxiety. Both of these women have been inspirational while I've been battling with the aftermath of my nervous breakdown but more importantly they're doing a lot to show that mental health is an important issue and you can succeed while it's affecting you.

Or something like that.

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