Sunday, February 10, 2013

On having the fear

Whether it's self inflicted or not, which I suspect it is, I'm having the fear. The fear has no real basis or is not based in reality. It just exists.

It's debilitating and it's takes over. It makes me completely paralyzed. It requires enormous amounts of courage to get through.

The worst part, or maybe it's the best part, is that no one can do this for me. I have somehow find a way to do it despite the fear. I have come to realize that the fear won't go away unless I act. I cannot wait for the fear to go away so I can act. I have to act despite the fear.

However, it makes me fairly useless when it comes to anything else. It takes up all my energy and my thought process. The trick is to not let the frustration take over - that's also the major challenge for me.

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