Wednesday, January 2, 2013

MS Own Mind and Feminism

The key to keeping anxiety and depression at bay is to move. It's so DUH you want to scream but it's so true. I was a little ill yesterday and I mood plummeted. Not to follow suit today I've been undertaking desperate acts such is weed whacking my lawn.

These are desperate times. I've no idea what's happened to my lawn mower guy. I've not heard from him in ages, and since we knocked him back a couple of times he' not bothered to contact us again. I lost his phone number when I elbowed my Nokia slide to death and was forced to enter the 21st century via the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy mini.

It was a reluctant move on my part but the phone shop basically through discounts at me in such a way I ended up saving $200 a year on my daughter's phone bill. The phone is going to pay for itself before a year is up.

I'm reluctantly facing up to the fact that I am the captain of my own mind: MS Own Mind. It's been allowed to haplessly float around the oceans without direction for some time and it's time for me and the crew to take charge again. We will. Don't you worry about that.

In the mean time though I want you to rest assured that I will be no less cranky with the world. It's the kind of shit that keeps me going, even on the bad days, and it if makes me happy, well then fuck it, I will do it.

The problem that's niggling my mind (MS Own Mind) today is feminism and me wondering when it became such a dirty word.

One of the things that have become blatantly clear to me is that feminism has to change. We don't have to have to fit into a male world, which is largely what's happened, we want the world to be shaped to fit us into too. Men and women have vastly different experiences and I think it's really our turn to start shaping society into something that suits us all better.

I suppose it's really fair to say that feminism was never really a movement that fought for equality for all women, it very much was a middle class pursuit and as such it couldn't really readily be adopted by all women. The women in the feminist movement were at times a little snooty when it came to their less fortunate sisters and instead of making friends with them they made enemies out of them.

Personally I think we have a long way to go when it comes to the rights of women and that's not to say that we haven't come a long way already. We have. But please, if you are a woman or a man and you feel like calling yourself a feminist don't be ashamed. The movement is ours to shape in the way we want. It's not owned by anyone and it's not for the lucky few.

I'm just saying.

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