Friday, January 4, 2013

Rewriting history - more MS Own Mind

There comes a time when you stumble across, quite accidentally, an old program in your mind and it kind of wreaks havoc, maybe just for a day but nonetheless it wreaks havoc. You're not proud of what just happened. You're not enjoying the aftermath. Your wounds are suddenly fresh again. You're more than a little mad with yourself for allowing it to happen. It's important to remember though that you had no choice in the matter. You were just running a program you didn't even know existed.

It's time to swing into action much like Tarzan swings on a vine in the jungle to come to Jane's aid pronto. In this scenario you are both Tarzan and Jane; you're your own hero (and as I said yesterday: every situation needs a hero and this is, if you're in doubt, a situation).

Any time we go back and react in a way we have been programmed to react, a way that may well have been appropriate for situations in the past, only to find that the outcome now is not what we expected we have an opportunity to learn something. If the programming stems from a traumatic past or even a traumatic single event, the first thing we need to recognize is that we are not in the same situation now as we were then. We may even be safe now. We are just reacting, some would say overreacting, in the only way we know how.

The good thing about being human is that we can learn new tricks no matter how old we are. And, it's OK to rewrite your history if it's going to lead to a better existence for you now. Situations change and our programs need to change with them.....much like you're not Windows 95 any longer even if was the most amazing thing, it had plug and play for god's sake!, you've now graduated to running Windows 7 (or whatever the hell the latest OS for PCs is now - I was Macified over a year ago, and although I haven't quite stooped so low I use an iPhone (I'm a Samsung Galaxy gal), I did discover the most awesomest gadget in the world when I had the good fortune to be gifted one for Christmas: the iPod Touch 5).

Our minds are there to be shaped and they need to be shaped in a way that suits our own purposes, our own current purposes. It's OK to be brave enough to do this and it's OK to foul up a bit when you test your new programming. Rome wasn't build in a day and it has changed a hell of a lot since that day it was built in - or something like that.

You have to care about your mind and your own existence, especially if you're unfortunate enough to be hit in the mind with something like depression or anxiety. You need to view these things as foreign viruses and you need to create your own antidote to them, with professional help and by putting your own mind to work. The idea of getting professional help is to help you do this, to help you see that this "virus" does not belong in your mind. The captain of MS Own Mind, you, likes a clean ship so it's time to scrub the deck!

There are plenty of things around us that make us feel bad, stupid or ugly, and it's our job to filter out the crap we don't have any use for. If you went fishing for prawns (shrimp if you're American - why is there no plural of this word?....shrimps....) you would throw back anything that wasn't a prawn back into the sea to live another day and you would keep all the pretty, juicy, tasty little prawns to nom on. It has to work like that with your mind too.

It's hard when you're down to trust yourself enough to weed things out but really you still have a gut feeling and you need to listen to it because your well being depends on it. Anything that makes you stressed or anxious or sad needs to be given less priority - anything that has any sort of positive effect on you has to take priority. This is your time to be your own hero and to make a change to save someone's life - your own!

I'm just saying.

P.S. So like obviously I'm redesigning the page courtesy of a new banner made for me by a professional graphic designer I know. Blogger is not being helpful and refuses to stretch the new banner to its full width. Bear with me - I'm not really up to fighting with blogger today but I will get there eventually.

P.P.S. I'm officially awful at going back to correct very poor grammar before I post.

P.P.P.S I'm officially mad at the way shoe soles are sold - one size that has to be cut to your size and if you have small feet like me there's a lot of waste there. WTF? Global warming and waste management.

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  1. I have no idea how to fix the banner, but it's pretty cool and you will figure it out. An insightful piece you've written on overcoming the past. Thank you.


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