Sunday, December 16, 2012

The thing about this society of ours

I must admit that I have avoided reading too much about the shootings in Connecticut. Not only do I not agree with having guns but I also think that it's high time to take a very serious look at the kind of society we have created.

I think it's easy to forget that we are part of creating the society we live in. By accepting that we can't change things because we feel powerless we become culprits too. On the lowest level of this argument is the fact that our politicians and leaders cannot possibly know what we want unless we tell them.

It's hard to be heard but you can bet your last cent that right now there are a lot of people, not only in the US, worrying about the same thing. None of us want to see what happened in Connecticut happen anywhere else and we would like to see it prevented.

We have to ask ourselves why there is a need to have so many guns and we have to ask why we allow it. If the safety of people who don't carry guns cannot be guaranteed then it's time to review why we allow guns in our society.

I think it's a bit like smoking. Why allow cigarettes to be sold at all if they're so harmful. Why not get serious about quitting smoking and give people who need help quitting some real help? Why not make sure that our stores are not saturated with the unhealthy food that causes a range of health problems. And, why not indeed make sure that guns are not accessible to people who as a result of their mental state cannot be trusted with having guns accessible to them.

There's another problem here too. We don't take care of our own. It's easy to blame parents for raising kids who go on to do bad things but when I look at my own community it becomes blatantly clear to me how it happens. Kids are being raised by people who have problems with alcohol and drugs, and these people clearly cannot raise kids because they have problems of their own. If the parents can't take responsibility for these kids we, others!, have to unless we're happy seeing another generation of alcoholics and drug addicts grow up next door. It's as simple as that. Not everyone gets the nurturing they need in their formative years and on the whole that's unfair because many bright human beings get lost too early. Their destiny becomes one of suffering and producing more people who will suffer and have a negative impact on others, their community.

It's time that we stop swallowing what we're told and start trusting our own gut instinct. It's time we stop being gutless and that we stand up against what is wrong with our world today. We forget that our leaders are only human and that they are much like us. The fact is that they depend on approval to keep their jobs and it's up to us to show that certain interests are not more powerful than "the people".

I'm just saying.

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