Saturday, December 15, 2012

I'm going to talk about "it"

I'm going to talk about "it": the demise of guys, you know that thing that psychologist extraordinaire Lombardo wrote a book about. I'm going to hit it up from one angle and that's from the sex angle.

I've been told that the reason heterosexual guys hate homosexual guys is that the gay guys get laid all the time without having to wine and dine. It makes sense I suppose because if they want to "do it" with a woman men generally have to spend some time trying to persuade her that there's something in it for her and that it's not just sex. Women don't just get turned on just like that. Like Goldie Hawn said: "We like to be touched - a lot".

Having a fourteen year old I have spent a lot of time thinking about what kind of guys she will go out with, and eventually have sex with, and it's a lot scarier than when I was a teen. With the rise of internet porn readily available at a mouse click young boys are learning that gals are gagging for it. It doesn't take anything really to get women in the mood.

The real problem here is that we usually don't. It takes a little more and when we say no we're often met with a barrage of abuse and we get accused of being frigid. If you have ever been online dating you know what I mean. Men do not take rejection easily and often have lots to say about your character and attributes when you do reject them.

I was having a discussion with a male friend recently. We were talking about all that. I was telling him that if he was out hunting rabbit he would get nothing if he stood in a paddock demanding that the rabbit came running and die at his feet. He has to learn to hunt rabbit. The same goes for chasing women. There are a lot of things that can happen to a woman that's not all that pleasant if she's not careful and therefore we are careful. We also need to be treated with respect.

Internet porn may spare a lot of parents answering embarrassing questions about sex but it sure doesn't do anything for making sure that young, and more mature gentlemen, actually find a woman they can have sex with. All it does is create a very wrong picture of that us women "should be" and it certainly has done nothing for equality.

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