Friday, October 26, 2012

"Leonardo, you think too much!"

Today, because I'm off work but managed to somehow sleep through the best part of the day because I had an anxiety attack yesterday that lasted all day, I've been wondering if the people we think of as the great thinkers of this world ever got told by their parents that they think too much. I was and I'm not even a great thinker.


  1. Absolutely. Imagine the scene
    "Leonardo, stop thinking of space ships and go and chop some wood"
    "Einstein, never mind relativity, the washing-up needs doing"
    "Galileo, the moon and stars will still be there after you've fetched the bread"

    I think too much, it's a pain at times when I think of Bad Things and Worst Case Scenarios but when I think of adventures, projects and possibilities it's exciting

    Sorry to hear you had an all-day anxiety account, it's horrible and it strangles you, sleep is good


  2. Reminds me of the old song 'Did Beethoven do the dishes'

    One afternoon, in sunny June
    I happened to think, as I stood at the sink
    And scrubbed away, at the dirty plates
    And listened to music on my phonograph
    I thought a question I've often asked....

    Did Beethoven do the dishes?
    Did Mozart sweep the floors?
    Did all those great musicians have to do their chores?
    I can't help but think of the songs I'd sing
    If I just didn't have to clean the house
    I know I'd be on top of the Billboard charts
    If my cat had not just killed a mouse, and brought it into the house

    I have these great ideas, but I also have a life
    If I don't do the laundry, I'll soon run out of socks
    I'll bet that Johann Sebastian Bach never had to worry about clean socks
    I'll bet that Pjotr Tchaikovsky never took the garbage out
    I'll bet that Verdi rarey helped rake the leaves
    Even when his wife asked 'please-pretty please'

    My driver's license did expire just two weeks ago
    I'll bet that thought never occured to Michaelangelo
    Madame Curie never had to serve on a jury
    Joseph Hayden hid from taking care of the kids
    Mozart was poor but you can be sure
    He never had to baby-sit
    And this is it, it's all she writ
    Didn't have time for more of it


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