Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I can have it any which way I ****ing want BECAUSE I’m a woman (a human being of the female variety like)

Ever since Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard did a verbal on opposition leader Tony Abbott in parliament, and chastised him for being misogynist, the debate about equality has been somewhat more heated than normal.

It’s the age old argument: Feminists are the female versions of bastards, women don’t know what they want (equality or chivalry) and we should all just shut up and get back into our boxes, women and men alike!

No. We shouldn’t get back into our boxes and we shouldn’t shut up. If we are to get anywhere with this one we need to speak honestly about how we feel about the whole gender issue.

I get that men are confused because us girlies seem to want to have doors opened for us and meals paid for on a first date while at the same time demanding equal pay and a lack of sexual harassment in the workplace.

I get that this is a complicated issue and that we’re battling with while being in a transition period. We are still transiting from being a lot more patriarchal to (hopefully) allowing ourselves to pass into a more gender equal society.

I get that women in the first world have come a long way and that compared to our third world sister we are a bunch lucky bitches. It doesn’t mean things can’t still improve.
Trust me; most of the sisterhood gets this and a hell of a lot more. It’s a no-brainer.

What we don’t get is blatant sexism and sexual harassment. It’s simply not useful and it has no place at all in society. It’s bloody stupid and it’s detrimental. It’s a stupid power game and that’s all it is.

Now here, I’m so sick of hearing this one: Why should I guy pay for the meal on a date? No, really. I hear you. But then why should I as the woman bother to cook for you, the man, when you come over to my place and bother to have a beer in the fridge for you even if I don’t drink that shit. Call it an investment, and investment you make as a personal gesture towards another human being showing your good will. Let’s call it that because that’s all it is. It’s like me buying a pal a sandwich or getting them a coffee.

I’m sick of the short sightedness. It’s really quite simple: I want to have the same opportunities as men in the workplace. I like when you hold the door open for me but I don’t expect it.

It’s really this simple: We should be friends first. We are not women and men in some sort of war of species; we are humans, we are part of a larger tribe and we need to work together. We can’t really get along without one another because Mother Nature made sure we have to interact to propagate the species.

But really, most of all I want to be allowed to exist as a human being while being a woman and not have to worry about what that means. If I want to fix my own broken stuff, have short fingernails sans nail polish, wear boots instead of high heels AND dye my hair pink, or not, then that’s what I want to do. If you expect me to be anything else I’ll probably get a little cranky just like most people do in a situation like that.

We need to move beyond the “gender war” and just get on with it. I bet you in New York today they’re not worrying about gender. It’s a relatively small issue as far as issues go.

Also, apparently I’m a sad read. Maybe. I think it would be more correct to say that I write more when I’m frustrated and since I suffer from depression that happens a lot. I also think too much, which means I sit here and wonder why the hell we bother putting up all these barriers to progress. The planet is having a few issues with how we are treating it and we sit here and argue about opening doors for people or not. Come on! Having said that I’m a person, I feel, I cry and I scream. A lot of the time I do that here. Hopefully not all the time and not at the same time.

I’m just saying.

Happy fucking Halloween!

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