Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Don't jog on! Keep hanging about!

I know my posting is sporadic at best and that it's been like for a while but I would like to keep the attention of the few readers I do have here.

The after effects of my nervous breakdown, the depression and the anxiety, seems to be winding down. Sure I still have to take my Prozac but I don't suffer the way I used to and I don't think I will need to take Prozac for F O R E V E R anymore. I'm healing. It's nice.

I don't feel all the comfortable blogging at the moment because I'm not so sure what I want to talk about.

I'm mad at the world in the sense that it seems like there's a real possibility that conservatism will take over in the US and that's a scary thing. To me. Anyway.

I'm mad at the conservatism that's creeping up here in Australia too. The latest, not the greatest, is an outcry at a campaign for year 12 students that is trying to teach students not to be "heterosexist".

Personally I would prefer if people just stopped giving a crap about who others want to sleep with and be done with it, alas that seems impossible. I know that homophobia is rampant in schools and for the sake of the welfare of those "unfortunate" enough to be different can we please all agree that we all don't give a crap either.

There are worse things in this world and we need to worry about them. There are people starving (still!) and if Steve loves Steve I think it doesn't matter nearly as much as the people starving thing. That's just how I am. I'm just saying.

I'm suffering from graphomania at the moment, I just can't stop drawing, so hopefully I will be able to give you some drawings to look at if I continue to fail to string words into to sentences and sentences into blog post. But hey, you, stick around because I enjoy noticing traffic on my page. It gives me the impression someone likes to read what I throw up here (and I especially love it when they comment *hint* *hint*).

So, in the name of feeling a lot less anxious and depressed, and feeling a lot more weird and different from others I wave at you out there in the blogosphere and hope you have a sterling day! I think I'm having one of those so I'd like you to have one too.

I'm just saying.

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  1. Just thought I'd stop by to pay my respects. Glad to read that you are doing well... Cheers!


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