Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In which I get radical on my anxiety’s arse

Two weeks ago I experienced a whole, A WHOLE!, week of no anxiety and I felt like I was the queen of beating anxiety so badly that it was never going to be able to walk properly again.

All of the past week I have suffer from the most severe prolonged anxiety I have ever experienced.

One should never count one’s chicken before their all safe in the coup, that’s what they say.

Having experienced that profound change for the worse by Thursday last week I was somewhat desperate. I wasn’t content with snacking on Xanax and Valium so I set about looking for a miracle cure. I decided in pure desperation that I would try hypnotherapy.

I went to see Barry the hypnotherapist today. I didn’t expect too much and I told Barry when he asked me what I wanted out of that today’s session that if I could experience five to ten minutes in a relaxed state I would consider it money well spent.

I walked out of there after one and a half hour singing to myself, feeling only a little tiny bit anxious and a little sad – as opposed to profoundly sad – and I’m pleased with the result today. I hope it will last.

I’m going to have another two session with Barry the hypnotherapist and I will keep you posted on how it goes. So far so good though, so far so good.


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