Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day one post Hypnosis: In which I am radically less anxious

I'm sceptic about most things that promise "instant" results. In fact, I'm so suspicious of it that I even refuse to contemplate the concept of "instant soup".

So, it's with mixed feelings that I report to you that my anxiety levels today are significantly lower. Significantly. My anxiety levels are so low that I can at this stage contemplate going back to the Barry the hypnotherapist next Tuesday, my next appointment, and ask him if he could please aim for making me super calm. I'm talking about the kind of calm Noah must have had inside him when we was told that the whole world was going to flood and he just went about building a boat and collecing animals. I'm talking about the mind of calm the Hulk doesn't seem to possess at all.

I'm quietly hopeful that I have swallowed my last Xanax and/or Valium, and I'm ever more quietly hopeful that I will soon be able to cut my Prozac in half. Hope is a terrible thing because it makes promises it rarely is able to deliver on which is why I'm quietly hopeful.

At this stage I don't care if this state persists or not. To get a few days relief from my own mind's obsessing and turmoil is a blessing. At this stage I will just enjoy the holiday. And the sunrise. I happen to notice it looks particularly nice this morning. :)

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