Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We don't need more Tom Cruise

Today I'm at odds with cults.

Yesterday I was at odds with the self-help industry because sometimes it's...it's not so helpful to try to help yourself. Today I'm pointing out that getting help is also something you have to be careful of.

You all know of my "fondness" for Scientology, I say in my absolute best sarcastic tone so that you, my dear reader, will be left with no doubt that I despise it. In fact, and to be fair, I despise most cults, or perhaps even all since I've not found a single I would call useful.

The reason for why cults come to the forefront in my rather muddled and messy mind today is that I was reading a post on Facebook by my "favorite" (again, with the sarcasm...) shaman.

I used to study with this woman, and I place it in the category of trying to self-help, and I did so for two years so I do know her quite well, in the internet sense anyway. She "friended" me on Facebook and at the time I saw no harm in having her own especially since I don't find Facebook all the useful (and the main reason I got an account to NOT use was to shut my silly ex-husband up because it gave him the illusion that he could keep track of me and what I was doing). As time passes I can't help to notice that her messages are kind of getting on my nerves because they basically confirm that silly little suspicion I had that she was trying to gain followers (and I'm not talking in the Facebook sense here).

It was when this woman managed to persuade a "follower" to buy her a plot of land in Missouri to set up a healing center that I jumped off the bandwagon. When it was followed by an outburst via e-mail in which she accused us all of working against her by not believing in her cause and therefore making sure it wasn't manifesting, well it was then that I slowly backed away without turning my back on her.

I watch now as her following keeps growing and how "students" of hers hang on every word she types on Facebook. She comes up with the most spectacular spiritual dribble and all this is met with adoration and much grovelling. I sound like I'm jealous, after all I barely get a like for my sporadic Facebook posts, but I'm not. I am worried.

Today she spoke of her own death experience, including seeing the light and all, and meeting Jesus and Mother Mary. (Is it just me or are we practicing a very eclectic kind of shamanism here...?)

It was all very Sylvia Browne until she started talking about how her husband had hated her, how she knew for sure and she really then knew how much he'd wanted to hurt her.

Now, I don't want to poo poo anybody's experience but if you're going to talk near death experiences, the light, meeting your death relatives and that fantastical feeling you apparently get as you die, well then I don't think, I just don't think, that you would be feeling someone's hatred. I say this because that sounds like something you would think as a result of having been mistreated.

It bothers me that people like this get a following and it bothers me that religion and spirituality pretty much get a home free card to say and do whatever the hell. Get a bunch of people saying they people something in the name of religion and it's suddenly a lot more legit.

There are a lot of people out the professing to be awfully spiritual and asking people to listen to them for the right path. If all of them say they're Jesus, surely some of them must be wrong.

I'm just saying.

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