Thursday, August 2, 2012

need to blog more :P

it's pathetic, not quite as pathetic as the fact that i haven't secured a new keyboard for myself yet, one that has a working shift key, but it's still pathetic that i have left it for a week to post here. i'm a bad blogger. what can i say?

i don't have much to tell you though, oh except for some advice i have for you. don't ever join a group on facebook that deals with anxiety if you're actually suffering from it. it just gives you new ideas about how to panic because you suddenly realizing you're not even close to covering all basis when it comes to worrying anxiously.

i can report though that my depression seems to have become better.,,..or rather i'm better and my depression is not as bad.  it's one of those things you desperately cling to the hope that it will stay that way and when you have some sort of "dip" it makes you nervous because you enjoy when the darkness lifts a bit. well, it seems that it's holding well this time so i will do a little celebratory dance, right here and now. there. done.


  1. It's like walking along a narrow ridge with long drops on either side, one moment you're looking ahead at the view and thinking it's lovely, the next moment you're staring down at the ground and thinking "I am going to slip" and sometimes you think "maybe I will just jump and have done with it all!"

  2. heh! i would call that the walk of life as i now know it. :)


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