Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Classy stuff

In an ever shrinking world the chasm that seperates us is still rather wide it appears. Today's Daily Telegraph shared this little gem: Hitler menswear store upsets Jewish community

If you're not prone to clicking on links to get the whole story I'm leaving you with this:

In India - Men's wear shop

So, the owner of the shop was apparently shocked when he learned what the name Hitler coupled with the swastika really meant - he's changing the name of the shop!

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  1. I may be wrong but, well, if you make a fuss about the name it kind of gives the man enduring fame and power? I mean, it's a name and it's in India, it's not like this shop is in Golder's Green or Jerusalem, is it? And the swastika? No mention in the article but I am hoping it's being used here in its original Sanskrit meaning?

    I am not a holocaust denier, btw, far, far from it, it was the greatest evil of mankind and showed us at our very worst, but, well, hmmm


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