Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A very quick ending - TomKat

I don’t know how Katie Holmes pulled it off but I think I’m impressed. In only 11 days she managed to apparently secure what she wanted in her divorce, and in doing so saving Suri from being brought up as a Scientologist. None of the things the media predicted happened. It all got sorted very quickly.

The whole thing, to me anyway, seems likely to have been a planned cult extraction and I’m willing to bet money on that it was. From the reported use of a disposable mobile phone “supplied by a friend” to the fact that all her security staff was immediately dismissed and replaced, it seems a very well thought out plan. It is alleged that Katie’s father Martin Holmes was involved in the planning, and if I was him, the first people I would have contacted are people involved in cult extraction.

I don’t like picking on people’s beliefs especially religious beliefs. I don’t really feel I have the right to. However, I think it is common knowledge that Scientology actively discourages its members from having contact with ex-members whom are referred to as subversives. They isolate members from non-member family, and they actively limit interaction with others. In the case of celebrities it is alleged that they are treated very nice indeed and that they are “love bombed”. In other words they need celebrities to further their cause. To me that certainly seems like cult behaviour.

It seems to me that to get someone like Tom Cruise to back down you would need to have something very powerful to use as an incentive. There has got to be something that either Tom or the Church of Scientology don’t want the public to know. I, of course, would love to know what.

I’m just saying.

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