Sunday, July 22, 2012

ridiculum amor

there's nothing like wasting a whole day having a panic attack only to wake up the next morning feeling like a pig shat in your head. i used to have to consume vast amounts of alcohol to feel that way but now it seems i can do it on the cheap.

it's not been an easy week and i hate that because i just can't seem to get my act together so i can write. i miss writing. i miss writing here.

we have to try to concentrate on the good stuff, or so they tell us anyway, so i'm happy to report that my social anxiety is lower than it has ever been. maybe it just seems that way because my other anxiety is so massive at times. either way, i declare it a win over social anxiety because i like to win every now and then. not in the charlie sheen way but nonetheless win.

if you think i'm talking nonsense you are perfectly correct.

i have started a new blog. it's exactly what one should do when one doesn't have time to write, don't you think? it's called ridiculum amor.

it's in its infancy but on it you will find less than perfect examples of people trying to communicate in order to find a mate. and, some really scary ones, creepy and really weird. it's classed as adult as it contains some juicy terms so if that sort of thing offends you then don't check it out. if you don't mind looking at that stuff and having a snicker at other people's feeble attempts to communicate you may find it entertaining. most of all if you are looking for a mate yourself, be it for a long term or a casual encounter, you may get some ideas of what not to say. i'm just trying to be helpful by creating this educational site because i believe in love. i'm just saying.


  1. strange indeed for a Sunday morning vicar!
    but very interesting to read
    back to the hymn book :-)

    1. i started getting some of these sent to me by friends mostly and mostly as examples of really bad english. i couldn't resist sharing them because most of the are so.....bad.

    2. Hope mine doesn't get sent to you!

      "Me, small, furry, long tail...
      You, small, furry long tail...
      Let's find a mouse hole and chew cheese together"

  2. PS you're not taking your meds?
    Take your meds, trust me, take your meds
    Your Cyber Mother

    1. dear darling mouse, i'm taking my meds but they don't seem to take care of the anxiety as well as the depression. for that i have to take xanax and i really don't like taking that unless i really, really have to.

  3. You see, you're not taking the blue pills!
    I take the red pills and look at me!
    Take the blue pills
    so long as they're not from the internet and diamond shaped ;-)
    those are fake and will only give you a purple complexion


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