Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More Tomkat foolery

I’m not done with this one yet, obviously. I just can’t keep away from it. It’s like in those parks where there’s a sign saying “keep off the grass” and you just have to step on the grass because…

As I was trawling my way through TomKat news yesterday I came across something (do not ask me which paper it was but it must have something reputable like the National Enquirer) in which they were asking people on the street outside the building where Katie now lives, how they felt about the whole thing. There were a lot of girls saying that Katie should have known better because she knew that Tom was a Scientologist.

Yeah. OK.

I will have to weigh in on this debate though; you know I just have to. As much as Katie should have known better shouldn’t Tom also respect the wishes of his W O M A N and the M O T H E R of his child? Being a religious fanatic doesn’t automatically absolve you from responsibility now, does it? Being a religious fanatic doesn’t mean you don’t have to civil now, does it?

I think there’s a little too much room given to people when it comes to their religious beliefs. Religion is the holy cow. Religion is the untouchable elephant in the room. The problem is that there are a lot of different religions and if I recall correctly Ms Holmes is of some sort of Christian extraction. Does that not count just as much? Shouldn’t Tom have known better?

I’m just asking.


  1. I heard that she sold her car because she didnt like the cruise control...

    Okay, so I made that up. I have a hard time believing celebrities are real. The child, that's different. Wish there were some way to get her out of the media circus.

  2. I requested a book on scientology from Them yesterday. Probably a silly move but I want to see if they turn up to brain-wash me because, lord knows, my brain could do with a good washing

    Joking apart, I think the child is rather strange already, trotting in and out of restaurants and designer-store clad in outfits costing thousands and clutching a doll.

  3. Wow! For one minute there I was sure I must be a robot, the word-verification thingy caught me out! Just call me Metal Mousey!


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