Thursday, June 21, 2012

Teaching a young dog to sit

after my last post my shift key actually decided to kill itself, or perhaps it just died a natural death. for now we have to do without capitals, until i get new ones. mmmmkay?

my daughter likes to have a hot meal when she gets home, who doesn't?, but truth be known sometimes we're just too tired. besides, the whole thing we have going with the sourdough rye, smoked salmon, pickles cheese, avocado and assorted other is a good thing. there's something satisfying about building your own sandwich to your particular preference on a particular day.

we decided to have her cook tonight. she's not happy. i'm more amused than i should be. i find it hard not to laugh. soon i hope to be eating a chicken noodle frittata. failing that we'll have sandwiches. again.


  1. Presumably, your keyboard decided that you were ready to shift for yourself!

  2. Solutions are the answer. No capitals. Chicken noodle frittata. Life is simple.


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