Sunday, June 17, 2012

in which i realize - yet again - that time flies

i've not blogged for a week.

i refuse to use capitals today.

i refuse to use capitals not because my shift key is broken or because i'm being lazy. i refuse to use capitals today because life has humbled me to such an extent there's very little shout left in me.

it's a silly reason i realize that but it will have to do for today because it is the best i can do for the moment.

i'm playing with the idea of starting a new blog, a blog that would have to be a separate story to this one because it will offend, it will scare and it will certainly talk about things that most of us are not comfortable talking about. i'm not comfortable talking about them either but i have come to the conclusion that the only way i can work my way through what is happening right now is to write about it.

it is about love.

it is about lies.

it is about opening your heart, swallowing your pride and hoping that there's ultimately something good at the end of it all.

it's about changing everything i believe in, everything that most of us believe in, in an attempt to save something i value.

it will be hard.

it will be the most painful task to blog about how i truly feel.

you do not have to come with me to that blog when i start writing it, in fact some of you would prefer not to, some of you may even chose to stop reading this blog altogether. it is my hope though that you will keep your mind open enough to see that it is a blog about love and the way we view relationships.


  1. i think it sounds like a very exciting blog indeed.

  2. (o). It sounds tantalizing.


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