Oh, those kids are the ones that don’t think straight

My daughter and I were having a talk the other night. She was talking about how she was worried about one of her friends at school because she was being excluded from the “gang”. The reason for the exclusion is that the other girls think she’s “disgusting”.

My daughter goes to school in a support unit where the kids have different learning disabilities and handicaps. The girl in question is really lovely and always happy but she’s one of those kids that needs to be told and who will basically go along with whatever she’s told and think it’s great. It was when she managed to put her hand in some bird poo and simply wiped it off without washing her hands that the other girls decided she was disgusting. My daughter took her off the girls toilet to make sure she washed her hands but it kind of stuck, the her being disgusting.

I asked my daughter if this girl was bothered by it all and she told be no, she had other friends anyway but they’re in the S1 class. (My daughter is in the S2 class.) I asked my daughter what the difference is between the S2 and S1 kids and she simply replied:
“Oh, the S1 kids are the ones that don’t think straight.”

I couldn’t help but laugh because my mental picture of the difference was something like this:

But, it also made me think that perhaps instead of all the 3D movies we’re getting nowadays we need this:

I don't know about you but I certainly feel like my attention span is getting shorter.


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