I'm doing it again, that is I'm napalming the roots of my hair so I can hit it with the pink again. I'm not much for fussing over myself when it comes to my looks but this is a process I actually enjoy though subjecting your hair to really strong bleach is always going to be a bit of a gamble.

I'm discovering my creativity again and creating pink hair part of that. I think.

The times I feel really good about myself is when I create something or when I cycle. I can't be on my cycle all the time, I can't fly threw the Sydney landscape with the wind in my pink hair all the time, so when I have to get off my bike I have a really strong need to create.

I have a pallet of 89 stepping stones in my driveway. They are a strong reminder of the fact that I had to give my dog up almost two years ago and every day when I pull up in the afternoon after the run home from work I'm reminded that my rubber nose is gone. It makes that pile of stepping stones a symbol of sadness.

(Rubber nose on the other hand probably doesn't even remember me. He's living the life of Riley with a widow in Queensland and he apparently even now has a favorite ice cream. We speculate how you find out what a dog's favorite ice cream is. How many flavors and brands did he have to try? How did she know which one he liked the best? I can only assume it's not chocolate because chocolate is not good for dogs. The Oreo cookie ad says so...)

I've been meaning to get rid of that pallet of stepping stones...

A few weeks ago I decided to not get rid of the pallet of stepping stones. I decided to change it. I found a place on the internet that sells mosaic glass tiles and I ordered some. I ordered a couple of hundred dollars worth actually. So far I have transformed three of them but because I haven't grouted them yet I can't really show them to you. I will though. This transformation is very important. It has become perhaps a symbol of who I am now. I'm changing me to please myself better just as I'm changing those stepping stones into something more pleasing.

It pleases me to do so. :)


  1. ├ža fait plaisir - sounds lovely in French, n'est ce pas?

    yes, it is so important to stop beating ourselves up from time to time and to do that which gives us pleasure

    though I still fret about my hair, ever since it fell out when I was at The Beast, so the thought of doing anything so drastic as dyeing makes me feel positively panicky!


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