1. I don't think we have sultanas 'round here. Maybe they're using an alias. But who's to say it's wrong to have one in a salad? Different!
    I don't think Depression should quit its day job for a career as a food critic.

  2. actually, there are some salads, those with walnuts and apple, that include sultanas and they are quite appreciated by some folk, then there are dried fruits 'salads' which are not really salads because I grew up in the 50's and 60's when 'salad' meant lettuce, tomatoes and, if you were lucky and it was just after pay day, cucumber too. Then there are ones salad days which I think refer to a certain time or period in one's life and have nothing at all to do with lettuce. Apparently a salad is a mixture of edible stuffs and so can include anything, even sultanas, but it wasn't when I was a child, not at all, then it was green and cold and leafy and slices of grandma's ham at Christmas. And the word salad comes from 'sal', meaning salt which the old French, as in the French of past times not the retired folk living by the seaside, turned into 'salade' and we all know that those funny French folk eat all kinds of weird things like frogs' legs and snails, probably because snails are fond of lettuces and so you have an extra ingredient in your salad in the form of slimey protein, and so it is probably their fault that sultanas get into salads anyway so, in conclusion, it really all depends on how you look at it and is all the fault of the French anyway!

    et voilĂ !

  3. Ugh, depression is the worst. I've been struggling with it for decades, switching medications and the whole shebang. I am currently on a medicine that sort of works, but not perfectly like SSRIs did before they stopped working. Depression sucks.


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