I managed to write a whole post earlier today and then blogger ate it.

I tried y'all, I really did.

I told you all about how I'm still depressed but content. I know it's weird, right?, but that's how I feel!

What I didn't tell you was the impact dying my hair Fudge Paintbox Pretty Flamingo Pink has had on my life. Yeah, yeah, I know I'm too old for that kind of thing but it's been amazing. Picture this (for example):

I'm in Woolworths (supermarket) and I am impatiently, because that's how I roll, waiting in line trying to look like I could stand there for an eternity and it would matter not one iota. In front of me is a mousy mother with three tiny terrorist who all want different things in life at that particular moment. She's doing a splendid job of being polite to the check out chick, handling three tiny terrorists and occasionally apologizing to me for holding up the queue. Suddenly she seems to forget about everything that's going on and she looks at me and says "I just love your hair. It's amazing!"

There are two types of people I have realized. There are the people who roll their eyes because their conservative nature dictates that pink hair is WRONG, and then there are the people who get cheered up by it. Luckily for me it seems that more people get cheered up by it than think it's WRONG. I have never, ever been smiled at this much in my life not even if I count the period when I arrived in Australia as a backpacker, at which time I frequented pubs in an inebriated state and there'd be a bunch of blokes  stupidly hoping for a root hence the smiling at me. ("A root" being Australian for sex...)

I have also never been so much of an inspiration to other women. It seems, for some odd reason, that I have quite by accident struck a cord with the fairer sex's desire to be born free and to express themselves freely. The only negative reception I've had from a woman is strangely enough from a woman who had half a head of pink hair herself!!

I don't think I will ever understand the world and the people in it but I can tell you this:

When you're suffering from depression it's good to have a lot of people smile at you hence pink hair is a good idea. However, you will not be able to to convince old ladies that you did that to your hair; they will assume that you're wearing a wig.

Over and out!


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