Vacant lot

I used to have a busy mind. Now it's a vacant lot.

Or that's how it feels anyway. Writing eludes me and I've even tried to guilt myself into writing blog posts but a much less pained mind won't take any of that. It seems I'm enjoying the vacation from depression a little too much perhaps.

Prozac has become my friend. Four weeks into taking Prozac I seem to have found the correct dose for me. Unlike Mirtazapine, the appetite increasing swine, it reduces the appetite. As a result I've lost 4kg or almost 9lb. I hope it keeps going that way because the reduction has been completely effortless except for that I have had to occasionally remind myself to eat. My carbohydrate cravings are all but gone and nothing makes me happier than not having to get a chocolate craving at 2pm at work every day.

I miss writing though. I miss the compulsion to write. There's this silence in my head that I'm not used to and I'm not sure how to deal with it. Calm - it can be confusing.

P.S. Anyone know what happened to SP?


  1. And if they know what happened to S.P., could they let the rest of us know? We worry.

  2. i don't think i know SP, but a bloggy friend, Char, disappeared last year. i still miss her. turns out she went to the ER with a strange infection and within two days, she died! her blog and her facebook page are still there. when we die in the age, it's interesting to think that the traces we left in cyberspace linger on. (as you can see, i'm assuming SP is a bloggy friend.) as for the writing or lack thereof, give yourself some space - the words will return. they always do.


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