Saturday, March 24, 2012


There are people who kill just to feel something. I just dye my hair pink so I can find out what people's reaction will be. It's never what you expect. Some people it scares, others it inspires. It's never who you expect. Some get cheered up as if there's some latent childhood memory that triggers and reminds them of something that was fun and a lot less serious than where they are now.

Autumn is arriving and it brings with it colder mornings. Here in Australia the trees aren't painted in yellow and orange in a last celebration before they shed their leaves for their winter slumber. Here in Australia the colors stay the same and you can't really tell from photographs what season it is unless there are people in them. Only the clothes give away the temperature. Nature leaves you guessing.

I get up early to cycle to work. My cycling partner and I silently fly through the dark and quiet suburbs like a pair of colorful Lycra ninjas. If there's ever a time I feel invincible it's then. We leave the streets and enter the bicycle track where you have to be careful because there are walking ninjas, people who prefer to walk before dawn and who don't have the sense to wear something to give their presence away. Lately the trip in the dark on the bicycle path has been more treacherous because of the rain. The path has been flooded during the night several times and the water carries an array of things that it leaves wherever it pleases. Nature is remodeling and the result is sometimes spectacular.

I feel like painting but I don't know what. Something is stirring in my soul and it's impatient. It wants to express itself but it hasn't learned to speak yet. I'm more of myself than I have been in a long time but so much better, a thousand times stronger.


  1. "I'm more myself than I have been in a long time but so much better, a thousand times stronger"

    sometimes you take my thoughts and write them even before I realise that I am thinking them!

    it is lovely, like looking into a mirror and seeing something different, something I hadn't noticed before but which suits me

    happy weekend wheeled ninja!

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