Is it hard to take when you are finally have to admit that peace of mind for you is medication? It is for me but then I also happen to think that having peace of mind beats feeling sad and paranoid all the time by miles. M I L E S. Really long miles and a lot of them.

I have writer's block. Is it writers block or writer's block? It's writer's block in my case because I'm one writer who have lost her mojo when it comes to crafting letters into words and words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs, etc. When a writer loses her or his  mojo she or he mourns and she or he feels like someone has amputated an important part of her or him. You've lost your voice and it's painful.

I've been marveling at the world this week and the bloody state it's in. I struggle to come to terms with the Global Financial Crisis. We all know it intimately by now as GFC because it's so famous it needs to real introduction. Do you find it scary? I know lots of people who do. Personally I just find it annoying.

Most people I know fear everything they have been taught to fear but I can tell you that these same people will survive whatever life throws at them. We always do. Humans are so good at that. What humans are not good at is cutting the crap and realizing that we can all just get along famously if we share the abundance that we have. Everyone would be so much happier as a result.

The war on terrorism: Stop inequality in the world.

Screw workplace equality. Let's expand this sucker and make it global.

Why are there people starving in this world? Because some people think it's reasonable to eat 14000kJ in one sitting! I nearly died when I realized that one Big Mac meal with fries and a coke could have that many kilojoules in it! I just love how they're making fast food joints put the kilojoules on everything they sell here now. It's been an eyeopener and I have on several occasions felt incredibly smug because I don't eat that stuff anyway.


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