Monday, February 13, 2012

Today I being you advice

The one thing about being a blogger having your own blog is that you can say what you want. You can get to be as snarky and horrible as you like about people and things, and there’s not a damned thing anyone can do about, except for not reading your blog of course.

However, it seems that people choose to stay and comment in a snarky and horrible way when they don’t like what you write, so it’s really a good way of getting some attention if you’re that way inclined. Blogging is a win-win situation if you feel like you have something to say and you want a forum to say it in.

Spilling Ink.

I make the rules and I’m usually opinionated. Not so much when I’m depressed perhaps but certainly normally. It’s a blessing for me to be able to blog because I do get to say what I want when I want to. It’s just nice. It makes me feel like I’m heard especially when you guys decide to comment and add to the discussion (*hint* *hint*).

It’s easy to get into the mindset then and begin to think that you have something valuable to say because if you blog for a while you attract likeminded people and you start to develop confidence in your thoughts and ideas. It’s good for you. It’s really good for you. You realize that you’re not so odd or alone after all. It’s one of the blessings of the internet.

But, there always has to be a but, when you start thinking that because you are writing blogs where people follow you, discuss with you and support you, that it would somehow mean that you’re OK to the rest of society you’re kind of making a mistake. You take that attitude to work and your boss is bound to look at you like you’re having some sort delusional episode. Your boss doesn’t read your blog and he doesn’t support your ideas, in fact he finds your ideas to be a pain in the arse because they challenge his status quo. He looks at you like your dad did when you told him that you were going to be an astronaut one day. At best. More than likely he will just be dismissive.

So as you go out there today to interact with the rest of the world remember that the blogosphere loves you but your boss doesn’t even know what blogging is so in his, or her, mind you are just the same challenged individual you were before you started blogging. That’s why you should listen to your blog followers and take what your boss is telling you that you are with a huge pinch of salt.

I’m just saying.


On Whitney Houston’s death.

I forgot about Whitney a long time ago. I arrived in Australia wanting to dance with somebody, wanting to feel the heat with somebody, somebody who loves me, and in many ways it was the anthem of my early days in Australia. I remember that. The other Whitney was too sad to keep track of unfortunately. R.I.P. nonetheless Whitney!

I blame the completely retarded title of this post on the psychotic episode I had last Saturday brought to me by Mirtazapine. If your doctor wants to prescribe you Mirtazapine ask him or her why he hates you so much. It's not a nice drug. If you're a doctor who likes to prescribe Mirtazapine to your patients you need to stop hating them so much. And don't tell my I should say things like that, I had a psychotic episode for Christ's sake. Don't argue with the crazy woman. I'm just saying.


  1. It's a GOOD thing if your boss doesn't read your blog. Ask Dooce or Petite Anglaise ;)

  2. ah yes, the dangers of opening up in cyberspace are well-known, I tell The Rags often, do you want people to read your 'fun' FaceBook stuff when you are 50? Remember, whatever you say in cyberspace sticks around forever and could come back to bite you!

    Then again, a lot of companies would be a lot better places to work if the bosses read what people really think of them1

    But, I wrote a long and (I thought insightful) comment yesterday and blogger ate it. The gist of of it was, that, after a breakdown there will always be shadows in your life, it never really leaves you, but if you turn to face the sun the shadows will be behind you.

    Good lord! I sound like one of those irritating calendars!

    Quick, turn the page!

  3. actually Merry, I would happily go through the Dooce stuff if I emerged as rich as those two ladies as a result! Have you seen Dooce's house? And her employees? And Petite Anglaise got two book deals to date from it. Much more lucrative than my profession!


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