Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm sorry but I have to say this!

I know a young woman who used to work for me. We keep in contact sort of because since she left the company I work for and since I'm no longer her boss I'm no longer as useful as I once was. You see, I would say that before we were friends.

I don't think it's as simple as to say that I'm no longer as useful as I once was to her but I'm also not gay enough. You see, my young friend is a lesbian, or really, she is to be precise bisexual.

I'm all for equality and could honestly not give a hoot about who people sleep with, fall in love with or are attracted to generally. I kind of knew when I hired her that she was going to be a little militant about gay rights. She made sure she mentioned her girlfriend in the interview and I could tell she was watching my response closely. Least of my worries when I interview people is who people sleep with, fall in love with or are attracted to generally.

Once upon a time gays and lesbian had it really tough and they still do in some places. Not in Sydney, Australia though. They're no more discriminated against than your average immigrant, woman, man or handicapped person, of whoever else for that matter. I can honestly say I have never seen anyone being discriminated because of homosexuality but I have seen "the rest". That's not to say that it doesn't happen. Of course. The world is full of homophobes and religious fanatics.

My point is though that today in Sydney you don't have to ram gay rights down your friends' throats every opportunity you get be it on Facebook or anywhere else. You get tired of it. You kind of start to feel that as a heterosexual you're not special enough. You feel you need to get yourself some gay if that's possible which I don't think it is.

I know I've said it before here. I used to be friends with a lady who counseled AIDS victims back in the mid 90s. AIDS in the gay community was a real threat back then and the majority of the people she counseled were gay men in the late stages of dying from AIDS.

Most of them had been disowned from their families and had only the gay community and people like this lady for support. I spent a few Christmas Days in the company of some of these men and I never saw one of the more than once. It was probably some of the most genuine Christmases I have ever celebrated. I feel fortunate to have experienced this because it taught me a lot about people and I don't fear dying as a result.

Enough of that. I will collect my medal for being so kind and compassionate for spending my heterosexual time with these guys later....

I just think that as much as this young lady's problem is partially youthful exuberance it's probably also not having yet learned that there is a time and a place for protesting, informing and supporting a good cause. There can come that time when you cease realizing that those who are not all that into the same cause are not your enemy and they don't need to have things shoved in their faces all the time. They care, they just don't have the same burning passion for the subject as you have.

So, unfortunately I have grown weary of gay rights and I have had too much of it lately. Soon I will escape what little Facebook time I have and be free from having things shoved down my throat. I'm beginning to feel like I'm dealing with a religious zealot. I will also be free of a senseless little twit who likes to lecture people who don't need to be lectured.

Baby, I was out there in the company of dying men when you were too busy to care because you were popping zits and dealing with your own teen angst. I don't hold it against you. Now please shut up!

You know who you are. Not that you would read my blog. It's not gay enough.


  1. I'm surprised she would bring up her sexual orientation in an interview. Not really relevant unless she was planning to have sex at work. (Maybe your department is a lot more lively than mine?) Don't ask, don't tell, don't care.

    1. Yes, most people don't talk about that sort of thing now, do they, but it fell in the not interested category. And no Merry, we're not THAT lively!

  2. I am old enough to think it's a private matter.
    And now I find myself old enough to be shocked by the way some people carry on! Me, shocked! Crikey, when did I become my mother?

    There is not enough discretion in the world, in my humble opinion

    1. I try not to think of it as me becoming my mother when I get shocked. I much prefer the idea that I'm sensible. :P


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