Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Forgive me Interwebs, it’s been almost a week since my last confession

Last week was travelled on a rocky road somewhere in the backwaters of Outer Mongolia. When I say road I use the term loosely because by Western standards it was hardly a road but if one applies Mongolian standards it was no doubt a modern highway.

While Mirtazapine was evil while I was on it, it also proves to be a bit of a bastard to go off especially if you have to do it quickly.

If last week was travelling on a rocky road somewhere in the backwaters of Outer Mongolia, this week is a rest in a yurt at the end of that road. The weather doesn’t permit me to make any forecasts as to how the next leg of the journey will be like but there’s hope that it will be a lot smoother from now on, that the roads are going to prove easier and more comfortable to travel.

Maybe Prozac is the drug for me. I feel better than I have in a long time.

It’s a weird thing that happens when depression starts losing its grip on you. You don’t start noticing that you feel good; you start noticing that you feel less bad and then you have periods when you almost don’t feel bad at all. You start to hope but you’re afraid to cling to it because it seems too fragile and delicate. It’s like a spider web covered in droplets of morning dew being made to sparkle as the sun starts its lazy journey across the sky in the morning. You’re in awe of it but you’re afraid to get too close should you accidently break it.

I don’t ask questions of what I see as the beginning of better times.

I will try to talk to you again Interwebs but maybe I will just spend a little time in this better place for a little longer on my own. I think I deserve to enjoy this state of mind.


  1. So there I was thinking, crikey, what is she doing in Mongolia? Is it far from Australia? Is it a holiday or a business trip?

    Bon voyage and safe travels on this journey my Cyber-Sister


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