Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bow and Arrow and the hazards of living in Sydney

I don't mind living in Sydney (Australia) but I've always been a bit worried with regard to violence in the big city. But then I worried mostly about the motorcycle gangs that seem to think that it's fun to shoot at each other's houses and things like that. Sometimes they get the address wrong so I guess I have cause to worry even if I'm not the bikie gang kind.

Yesterday some poor schmuck was shot in the neck with an arrow when he was strolling down the street in the same suburb I work in! But what the?! He's the first guy to be shot with a bow and arrow since Custer and that whole trouble with the Sioux.

Hearing about this morning I began to worry about ithappening to me when I cycle to work. What would my boss say if I called and told him I couldn't come to work that day because I had been shot with and arrow? "Yeah, that's bad luck you had there but you know that kind of thing happens. Take it easy there and we'll see you in a few days, OK?" I don't think he would say that at all. I would be forced to lie and say that I had the flu or something but it will of course be difficult to explain the bandage. "I know right, I didn't know they give intravenous drip in your either!"

It would just be a little hard to deal with that.

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