For a brief moment I forgot

For a brief moment, you know like three or four years, I forgot who the hell I was. Not who I am but who I was.

I was safe.

I was sure of myself.

I was secure.

I was full of hope.

I was powerful.

Granted I've not been any of that in decades so it's easy to forget but it's time to remember. It's time to remember!

I come from good Viking stock and Vikings are not easily beaten. People who sail oceans in wooden dinghies don't fear emotional waves, they surf them with reckless abandon because that's the only way to go!

Everything drifts to shore eventually. My job right now is not to swim. It's to float! My job is to bob along until I get thrown up on a sandy shore somewhere and that sandy shore is precisely the right place for me to be when that happens.

I don't lose faith! How can I lose faith when I have me? What was I thinking? I'm here to look after me and I'm not powerless.

My thoughts are...wait for thoughts! Since they're my thoughts I can change them. I own the copyright. I don't have to ask permission.

How I feel is how I feel because I choose to feel how I feel. I'm going to start choosing to feel a little different now. I'm going to choose a better state. I think that will be nicer and we will take it slow this feeling better so that I don't lose my way and get overwhelmed.

Did I tell you guys I love you lately? No? Well I do.


  1. see, I also come from Scandinavian stock! I think I must be your Auntie, the dotty one with the long plait and too many cats

    Hang in there kid, you're thinking along the right lines and always remember

    "If your ship won't come in, bloody well swim out to it!"

  2. Hail Mouse who roared and who is my Auntie! :)

    You're right, again!, if my ship don't come in then I will bloody well swim out to it! I've been doing a lot of waiting but I think it's high time to stop that.

  3. Determination is a good thing, don't lose sight of it.



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